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SKU: S0312S

Green Boom’s socks provide rapid absorption ideal for marine environments.

These highly efficient socks wrap easily around leaky equipment and mold conveniently to uneven surfaces. Green Boom socks are a light-weight solution to manage a mess.


  • Excellent absorbent for oil and fuel spills without absorbing a drop of water.
  • Completely Biodegradable Skin and Filler Materials.
  • Completely Hydrophobic.
  • Absorbs Oil Only.
  • 100% Biodegradable.
  • 100% Green Product.
  • Not recommended for acidic, basic, or corrosive liquids.
    • Socks offer a long surface area that is tear-resistant, high capacity and has fast-wicking filler to quickly soak up oil. 
    • Moldable design is great for hugging corners for tasks such as absorbing machine leaks, containing puddles and keeping workers safe. 
    • Tough and economical, this is the best choice for everyday leak protection to keep floors safe.
    • Control your everyday leaks with our most shape-hugging sock.
  •   Small Medium Large
    Dimensions 8cm x 30cm 8cm x 60cm 8cm x 120cm
    Absorbency Up to 11L per case Up to 22L per case Up to 45L per case
    Absorbency Per Up to 1L per sock Up to 2L per sock Up to 3L per sock
    Sold As
    10 10 10
    Weight 2kg 4.5kg 9kg
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